TINA: There is no alternative?

Economic choice perceptions and their role for
democratic support and voting behaviour

“Do citizens feel that they face increasingly meaningless elections that do not lead to changes in economic policy?”

TINA is an 18 months-long exploratory project funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology that investigates if a perceived lack of economic choice can explain low levels of democratic support and shifting electoral behaviour in the Eurozone bailout countries. This project aims to contribute to existing research by developing an empirical measure and cross-sectional database of perceived economic choice in four Eurozone countries, to understand whether we are indeed witnessing a lack of democratic choice about economic policies.

Funding: TINA is funded by the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology under the grant agreement EXPL/CPO-CPO/0506/2021.

Host: TINA is hosted by the ICS – Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon.